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Consumer Guide to Hydroponics

and Soiless Gardening

Hydroponics and Plant Grow Lights are the gardening tools for the 21st Century. They make gardening a year round hobby and literally mean you can grow any plant, any time, any where!

You will be amazed at the results you can achieve using the unique range of  hydroponic kits and quality Power Plant High Intensity Grow Lights. Increased yields, faster growth rates and year round gardening are just a few of the benefits from gardening this way (artificial lighting is not essential to grow hydroponically).  No digging, weeding or soil borne pests or diseases to ruin your enjoyment of clean, easy and productive gardening.

With the continuing concerns about the level of pesticide and herbicide residues remaining in bought produce, the only guaranteed way to ensure healthy eating is to grow your own. With the self watering and rapid growth rates achievable in soiless gardening, this is now more possible.

We hope you will try this safe, fun, educational and productive form of gardening. Please ask the staff at lowood Nursery, your specialist Hydroponic retailer for any advice relating to the products contained within their web site.

Happy Gardening !!