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Hydroponics is simple

The plants are supported in an inert media such as perlite, vermiculite, clay pebbles, or rockwool and are fed a nutrient solution. This means that the plants do not have to develop a large root system in order to feed. Soil based plants divide their energy evenly between growing upwards and growing downwards (rooting).

A hydroponically grown plant expends a greater proportion of its effort growing upwards because all the nutrients it requires are readily available.

Having all nutrients available benefits the plants by promoting quicker growth and, in the case of crop bearing plants, higher yields. Further more, hydroponically grown plants are healthier and more robust than their soil grown counterparts and when home grown fruit and vegetables taste superior to those found in supermarkets. Under the right conditions a hydroponically grown plant will grow between 2 to 4 times more quickly than in soil. For tomatoes commercial growers have realised yields per hectare of up to 40 times that of soil grown plants.

Due to environmental concerns regarding the reduction of water consumption and the worries over the indiscriminate use of nitrates and other fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides in soil based agriculture, the future of hydroponic methods of cultivation is assured.