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Consumer Guide to Hydroponics

and Soiless Gardening

Hydroponics and Plant Grow Lights are the gardening tools for the 21st Century. They make gardening a year round hobby and literally mean you can grow any plant, any time, any where!

You will be amazed at the results you can achieve using the unique range of  hydroponic kits and quality Power Plant High Intensity Grow Lights. Increased yields, faster growth rates and year round gardening are just a few of the benefits from gardening this way (artificial lighting is not essential to grow hydroponically).  No digging, weeding or soil borne pests or diseases to ruin your enjoyment of clean, easy and productive gardening.

With the continuing concerns about the level of pesticide and herbicide residues remaining in bought produce, the only guaranteed way to ensure healthy eating is to grow your own. With the self watering and rapid growth rates achievable in soiless gardening, this is now more possible.

We hope you will try this safe, fun, educational and productive form of gardening. Please ask the staff at lowood Nursery, your specialist Hydroponic retailer for any advice relating to the products contained within their web site.

Happy Gardening !!

How do Plants Grow

All plants have the same basic needs of light, food (nutrients), carbon dioxide (CO2), water, heat and fresh air. If any of these are lacking the plant will have problems growing. Different plants require these factors in differing ratios but they are all needed whether the plant is in the soil or grown hydroponically.

With soiless gardening we can control and enhance all of a plant's basic needs, we even have the advantage to ensure adequate Oxygen is available to the roots.

Hydroponic Grown -- Small root large Plant       Soil Grown -- Large root small Plant

Hydroponics is simple

The plants are supported in an inert media such as perlite, vermiculite, clay pebbles, or rockwool and are fed a nutrient solution. This means that the plants do not have to develop a large root system in order to feed. Soil based plants divide their energy evenly between growing upwards and growing downwards (rooting).

A hydroponically grown plant expends a greater proportion of its effort growing upwards because all the nutrients it requires are readily available.

Having all nutrients available benefits the plants by promoting quicker growth and, in the case of crop bearing plants, higher yields. Further more, hydroponically grown plants are healthier and more robust than their soil grown counterparts and when home grown fruit and vegetables taste superior to those found in supermarkets. Under the right conditions a hydroponically grown plant will grow between 2 to 4 times more quickly than in soil. For tomatoes commercial growers have realised yields per hectare of up to 40 times that of soil grown plants.

Due to environmental concerns regarding the reduction of water consumption and the worries over the indiscriminate use of nitrates and other fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides in soil based agriculture, the future of hydroponic methods of cultivation is assured.


Hydroponics has existed for years

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon used hydroponics and the US Army used the technique to feed soldiers during WW2 on the Pacific Islands. Today soiless gardening is rapidly expanding throughout the world and hydroponic installations can be found in all corners of the globe from Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Spain, Holland, Israel, Thailand and the UK

Productive Hydroponics

Commercial crop growers are turning to soiless cultivation more and more.  The speed of growth combined with the control over the growing environment means higher quality crops.  Worry about soil borne pests and diseases are reduced dramatically, and weeding is a thing of the past.  For commercial growers rapid harvests and higher yields are great reasons to grow this way

Hydroponics can be done anywhere

Soiless gardening will be used by NASA to feed astronauts on long space flights with fresh vegetables; even lettuces are grown on submarines using these techniques.

Due to the different sizes of systems available and the unlimited design that systems can be made into, you can grow in any location where there is sufficient light. As the systems are self contained and clean they can be used indoors during the winter, in a conservatory, greenhouse, cellar, attic, garage or kitchen. Because there is no messy soil and the systems are usually quite light in weight, any indoor location is suitable. They can even be moved outside in the summer.


Grow all year round

Add a Power Plant HID lighting unit and you can grow literally all year round. Easy, clean and productive, you can enjoy fresh herbs and produce even when it is cold and raining outside. By altering the time grow lights are on you can simulate winter or summer day lengths, enabling the plants to fruit or flower earlier or later in the season. You are in control.



The Benefits of Hydroponics

• Year round gardening
• Conserves water. 
• It is clean - indoor cultivation possible. 
• Digging/weeding is eliminated. 
• More plants per given area. 
• Enhanced flavour of crops.
• Plants grow quicker with increased yield. 
• Soil borne pests are eliminated. 
• Reduced Pesticide use. 
• Interesting and educational